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About Our CEO
Dr. Chenee’ L. Gilbert’s professional career began as a teacher in Miami, Florida. She later relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to work with inner city students. She has been an educator for 15 years, where she received valuable experiences with a range of age groups and grade levels in a variety of educational settings and with diverse groups of learners and cultures. 

​Dr. Gilbert created EME (Entertainment Meets Education) Streaming Media to bridge the gap between the entertainment and education worlds. She envisions EME Streaming Media to be a global resource that provides engaging and innovative streaming media and curriculum to school-aged children across the world.
About EME Streaming Media, LLC

The goal of EME Streaming Media is to help educate students in grades K-12 by transforming the vehicle and medium through which educational content is delivered and consumed.

One component of EME Streaming Media is an educational web-based platform. As a former classroom teacher, Dr. Gilbert knows firsthand how much her students idolized sports figures, music artists, and actors & actresses. The web-based platform will provide music jingles and mini-movies starring famous celebrities that would focus on the subject areas of reading, math, science, social studies and health. Movies and videos will be available for download with printable resources for reinforcement. 

The second component of EME Streaming Media involves the creation of an animation DVD and a six-episode animation series centered around real life issues that are faced by school-aged children such as bullying, suicide, molestation and grief. The first project of EME Streaming Media is the creation of the animation DVD that is based upon Dr. Gilbert's children's book, "Mama, Did You Mean to Leave So Soon?" 
Where the world of Entertainment meets the world of Education